We help brands communicate via Digital mediums.

We specialize in high-end CGI & animation for product launches, TV commercials, brand idents and 3D motion for events, conferences, etc.

At Owen Jenkins Design we hold each customers success at the top of our priorities. Whether your success is determined by a financial return on investment, number of customers in your door, or just producing a series of videos that makes your products and brand look like a billion dollars, we may have a solution to fit your needs.


New custom projects and licensing start at $10K.

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Testing the water or your needs don't fit into my specialty? Don't hesitate to reach out, maybe we're feeling extra creative or we might know the right person to refer to get the job done!

Want to learn how to do 3D yourself? You can follow Owen on YouTube. I'm spreading my knowledge of animation in Blender, Unreal Engine and Houdini for free!


Common Sense Wellness Worldwide

North Powder LLC + Microsoft Federal

Juniper Systems + Rediset 3D

Atticus Cutri + ET. AL

SubZERO Gaming

Heading Pack




2022 - 2010

Hope of America award

Art Department Award

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